Iberico Shoulder Fermín

Iberico Shoulder Fermín

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Shoulder (Paleta Iberica)


The ham that comes from the hind leg is noted for having a greater concentration of flavor and juiciness, given its smaller size relative to Ham or Jámon Ibérico. It derives from Iberian pigs

fed a grain based diet and raised in unique climatic conditions, which obtains an unparalleled result.


Approximate weight of the piece is between 8 – 9.5 lbs



Is there anyone who doesn’t like ham? Fine cured Iberian acorn fed ham of course.

It is one of Spain’s biggest gastronomical treasures and one of the finest natural products of the world—truly exceptional.


Ibérico Ham comes from a singular breed of pigs, The Iberian; from a unique ecosystem with high ecological value, The Grasslands; and a cool and dry climate that allows for curing in optimal temperature and humidity conditions. Symbol of a unique culture and gastronomy, Jamón (Ham) constitutes an authentic culinary jewel, whose artisanal curing process has been preserved since its inception.


The majority of culinary experts agree in citing Ibérico Ham as Spain’s most exquisite delicacy it has to offer the world. From this same Ham, one can identify up to seven different flavors depending on the zone where it’s cut. A multitude of hues, aromas and scents all describe this gastronomical jewel. 


At Love Iberico we have selected one of the best brands available in the US from Fermin Embutidos, located in La Alberca (Salamanca) Cumbre del Ibérico, whose known for garnering the best of the pig industry tradition dating back to1956.


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Time of Cured
Time of Cured2 years
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